The Homestead – Our Newest Community

We invite you to come see our newest homes at The Homestead, located off Eggleston Road
just north of Rt. 82 in Aurora.


The Homestead features beautifully designed single-family homes and condominiums surrounded by nature, priced from $370,000.

Each home has been placed to take advantage of the natural surroundings. Our customers often remark that every window in the home seems to offer a different view. We can’t take credit for Mother Nature’s beauty, but we are proud of our efforts to showcase that beauty whenever we can. In fact, we try to blend our homes into the landscape that thousands of years of evolution has placed before us.

If you’re impressed with the remarkable beauty of nature, you really do owe it to yourself to see The Homestead. Give us a call, and we’ll show you around and point out some features that would have escaped your attention. (We get a kick out of this!)

We’d like to build your dream home someday and bring you into our family of happy, satisfied customers.